Symposium scope

Separation sciences have a prominent place in modern analytical chemistry and are becoming globally more and more important in daily life. They are on a regular basis used to solve severe problems connected with food quality and safety, medical diagnostics, forensics, environmental protection, development of new technologies and materials, and other.

The objective of the 26th ISSS 2022 is to present new achievements in the fields of liquid, gas and thin-layer chromatography, electrophoresis, and hyphenated techniques thereof, sample preparation, and chemometrics. An integral part of the symposium is also setting up a forum which will encourage the exchange of ideas and establishment of new professional connections that will inspire further research, innovation and scientific collaboration.

Since ISSS has been historically an excellent opportunity for young researchers to enhance their knowledge of state-of-the-art methodologies and approaches used in separation sciences, we would like to especially invite young researchers to participate in the symposium.

The importance of chromatography and other separation and identification sciences is growing in different scientific fields. This importance will be further emphasized by several renowned keynote speakers, who are prominent researchers in the fields of clinical, pharmaceutical, environmental, and food analysis, forensics, and natural and synthetic polymers. The scientific portion of the programme includes lectures and poster sessions. The social portion of the programme is prepared to enhance the connections between ISSS participants and to offer a taste of Slovenia’s natural beauty, intriguing history, culture and cuisine.

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